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My PS Partner (2012)

"Do you want revenge?"

am supposed to be finishing writing this novel and instead i’m watching this movie. again. 

so. perfect.

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“I don’t drink and drive.”


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"For not once living a normal life like others do. Eating breakfast or dinner with someone, returning home where somebody is waiting, expressing my sincere feelings about liking someone - those things. People who don’t even live a hundred years do all those things, which I had scoffed at for being trivial. All those small, warm, beautiful things of everyday living - now I want to do them. What do I do?”

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1 meter’s not that far, you can come closer

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"…There was a time when I could have gotten into a huge accident. But, there was a man who saved me. Though it was just a short moment, it was very mystical and rather warm at the same time…"

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are you ready for a new sound?

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poor ksh

second time he’s been burned by the ferris wheel. kid can’t catch a break.

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